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Stay informed on our latest news!

Stay informed on our latest news!

Welcome to Alcaria Equine Centre

The beautiful natural park of Serra de Aire and Candeeiros is located in an impressive backdrop of cliffs born during the Jurassic period, that have been shaped over millennia due to water erosion and perforated by hundreds of beautiful caves. Rich in flora and fauna and with rare and unique species, this natural Park is an attraction for all those who prefer luminous landscapes and wide horizons without pollution and intimate contact with nature. The hospitality of the local people offers a much needed peace and harmony that are so difficult to find nowadays. In the heart of the park it is Alcaria, a traditional mountain village with ancient houses, is a natural point of convergence for those who visit this Park.

In order to enjoy this wonderful contact with the mountain in unique moments of intimate connection, Alcaria Equine Centre provides a wide variety of equestrian activities in a unique meeting with nature, sport and leisure.

Upcoming events
2017 Ruminants and Equines Protection Course (Long Distance Animal Transport)
19.11.2016 19th Therapeutic Riding Assistant Course - Hippotherapy
19.11.2016 Continuous Training Course - Ethology
21.11.2016 5th Therapeutic Riding Teachers Course
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